Patrick S. Thorne was born in Montgomery Alabama in 1970. Art was evident at a very early age and his mother, an artist and very creative herself, did everything to encourage it. Her stash of paints, colored pencils, pastels, and even huge rolls of canvas were his for the taking.Every summer she enrolled him in a painting class for kids at the local Hunington College.

Being plagued by vicious night terrors, a crazy grandmother, and the 70's rock band KISS, these works are now apparent. Drawing dragons, beautiful female faces, stage sets, and the four masked men consumed most of Patrick's childhood and early teens. The subject matter and the quiet seriousness he displayed was concerning to the conservatives around him, but as you might guess, his mother and a few close to him understood it.

By the late teens, Patrick started a three year art vocational program that gained him as much art education as any 4 year college program. Also during that time he started a KISS collectors newsletter that sparked the interest in editorial design. Just 3 weeks after graduating high school he was off to Savannah College of Art and Design. After 2 years he transfered to Atlanta college of art majoring in Design and Illustration Patrick now resides in Orlando Florida doing caricatures at Walt Disney World Resorts, and continues freelance design, portraits, and his signature style scratchboard/clayboard works you see here.